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Haynes-Vozza is a marketing production consultant that specializes

in the procurement of large-scale video. 

We offer a proven, non-traditional approach to video production that empowers marketing teams, improves transparency and drives considerable cost efficiency without ever jeopardizing

the quality of your creative.

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Haynes-Vozza is a marketing production consultant that specializes in the procurement of large-scale video. 

We leverage a highly unique blend of senior procurement, production and marketing expertise to help organizations optimize bidding processes, improve bidding methods and augment production programs.

We offer a common-sense approach to video production that is different and far more proactive than what is typically offered by traditional cost consultants. 

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We are a project-based organization ready to dig in wherever we can provide the most value to you and your team. Here is where we can help:
 historical cost analysis & Benchmarking

If your goal is to improve transparency and cost efficiency, start by understanding your costs. 

Production Process Optimization

Eliminate inefficiency by standardizing production processes across all creative partners.


Our highly-unique approach saves time and money without impacting creative.

production program augmentation

Augment your program with initiatives such as Production Sustainability and Diversity Guidelines.

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