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Haynes-Vozza and Octerra Announce Strategic Partnership


DETROIT & NASHVILLE, (July 21, 2022) Haynes-Vozza (HV) and Octerra are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining HV’s expert-led marketing production consulting services with Octerra’s leading enterprise bid management and procurement technology platform.

With technology playing an increasingly vital role in marketing services procurement, brands recognize that they need to accelerate their transformation to digital solutions to remain competitive and optimize their pass-through spending with agencies. The Haynes-Vozza and Octerra partnership brings together innovative technology with deep expertise in video and marketing strategy, process efficiency, and procurement practices to help clients improve consistency, transparency, cost containment, and control of their third-party spending.


“The HV and Octerra partnership is a powerful combination. Octerra’s technology platform gives our clients advanced tools to work smarter. We believe that the high cost of quality commercial video production is being driven by a set of dated processes that have failed to keep pace with the growth and maturing of the industry,” said Michael Lorenzi, Principal and Head of Marketing at Haynes-Vozza. “With access to Octerra, we will generate workflow efficiencies, increased visibility, and improved data & insights at a scale that will drive greater impact for our clients.”


“Partnering with Haynes-Vozza allows us to launch a service that complements and augments our technology platform by giving customers access to a seasoned team of experts who have decades of end-to-end bid management experience and in-depth knowledge of true production costs,” said John Wallace, Octerra President. “Together, we will deliver top brands a superior level of visibility and control over both the quality and cost of marketing services with their third-party production vendors.” By connecting HV’s team of expert consultants with Octerra’s intuitive procurement platform, the collaboration represents a unique approach in the way companies address the needs of the market.


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Haynes-Vozza is a marketing production consultant that specializes in the procurement of large-scale video. The company leverages a highly unique blend of procurement, production, and marketing expertise to uncover critical insights that help organizations optimize bidding processes, improve bidding methods, and augment production programs. Haynes-Vozza’s common-sense approach is far more proactive than what is offered by traditional cost consultants and is proven to deliver improved consistency, greater transparency, and significant cost savings without ever impacting the integrity of the creative.


Octerra is the marketing industry’s leading SaaS Procurement platform for marketing production, giving brands and their agencies real-time visibility and oversight into their entire production spend so they can more accurately measure ROI. Octerra provides brands, agencies, and vendors a platform that delivers a transparent bidding process where the selection of vendors, pricing and best value are revealed in a trusted manner.


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