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How to improve your video content company-wide

The task of managing video content needs across an entire organization can be complex.

Whether it is the sheer volume of requests, the varying size and scope of each project or the number of different stakeholders involved, most marketing departments do not have the structure or bandwidth to properly support all of these projects.

This unfortunately leaves these individual stakeholders to fend for themselves despite many of them not having the experience nor the skill set to do so.

And while this can help get the job done, it can also create considerable inefficiency and lead to a level of quality that is well below your brand’s expectations.

Putting up the proper guard rails

Beyond adding headcount, there is ample opportunity for organizations to provide better guard rails to guide and support these projects. Once in place, these guard rails can dramatically reduce the chances of these projects going off the tracks.

With the implementation of a video procurement strategy, organizations can better support employees tasked with developing video content and better manage the production of video as a whole; no matter the size or scope of any given project or who is leading it.

While a “procurement” strategy may sound like a highly transactional purchasing function, its actual intent is to create a streamlined process for all stakeholders to follow as they purchase video production services.

A well-defined video procurement strategy will include things like an easy-to-follow step by step process, an approved roster list of production houses and videographers to choose from as well as a set of vendor requirements that each member of the roster needs to signs off on; thus minimizing any surprises for the uninitiated.

While it may take some time and energy to implement, it results in a more transparent approach to video production that will work to improve overall quality and consistency while also leading to considerable time and cost savings.

intrigued? Here is how we can help

Haynes-Vozza (HV) is a production consultant firm that specializes in video production. We leverage a unique blend of production, procurement and marketing expertise to help our clients get the most of their video production dollars.

A Haynes-Vozza led video procurement strategy helps Clients better manage the production of video content company-wide by creating streamlined processes, developing preferred roster lists and formalizing a set of vendor requirements for all internal and external partners to follow.

Learn more about our comprehensive video procurement strategy service.

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