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The Essentials of Production House Bid Mgmt

An invaluable 2-hour training course designed to help marketing and cross-functional team members better understand the production house bid process. 


If you rely on large-scale video to support your brand, the cost for production house services is more than likely taking up a very large portion of your production budget.


Unfortunately, our work continues to show that advertisers are consistently and unknowingly overpaying for these services by as much as 25% or more. 


While there are many reasons for this inefficiency, it is primarily driven by the fact that production house costs remain one of the least understood budget areas and as a result there is an over-reliance on creative partners to manage these costs. 


This course was developed to help organizations better understand and manage these costs without impacting the integrity of the creative.


Course Overview

The course will cover 7 areas:


  1. An overview of the Production House landscape

  2. The bidding process and potential pitfalls 

  3. Budgeting and Target Setting

  4. Optimizing the bid process

  5. Understanding and evaluating an AICP bid

  6. Negotiation Tactics 

  7. Measurement - Tracking critical KPIs  


The End Result

At the end of the course participants will have:

  • An improved understanding of the  bid process 

  • Greater awareness of areas that can drive inefficiency

  • Better perspective on how to optimize internal processes

  • Knowledge that will empower them as decision-makers

Course Details

Target Audience:

The course is ideal for marketing and/or cross-functional teams at all levels who together are responsible for production and execution of large-scale video. 


2 Hours


It can be conducted for large or small groups either virtually or on-site.

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