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comprehensive Video procurement Strategy

As organizations try to fulfill the growing demand for video content, the sheer number of projects along with the varying size and scope of each can make this task difficult.

A Haynes-Vozza video procurement strategy helps organizations better manage the production of video content by creating streamlined processes, developing preferred roster lists and formalizing a set of vendor requirements for all internal and external partners to follow.

This results in improved quality and consistency, regardless of the size and scope of any individual project. Better yet, it also leads to significant improvements in time and cost efficiencies.

Each HV-led strategy is customized to meet the unique needs of the individual organization. We understand that in each case there will be differences in things like the volume of work, available budgets and stakeholder involvement. We take all of this into account to create a comprehensive and customized procurement approach for you.

This in turn will provide a more transparent and consistent approach, empowering your team to make better video while also ensuring you are maximizing your efficiencies.

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