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Our services are designed to help organizations drive efficiency and transparency in their production programs. Better yet, we are project-based therefore ready to dig-in wherever we can provide the most value without the need of a long-term contract or retainer. 

Production House cost analysis & benchmarking

Do you have a firm understanding of your production house costs? Overall? By Brand? By Agency? 


Given that production house costs can represent up to 70% of a project’s budget and that it is the least understood budget area due to its size and complexity, we highly recommend starting here if your goal is to improve transparency and cost efficiency. 


A Haynes-Vozza led Production House Cost Analysis includes a review of historical costs, the development of key metrics that can be used for future benchmarking and a detailed deep dive into previously awarded bids that helps to pinpoint exactly where inefficiency and inconsistency is taking place.

It will not only educate and empower your team, it will be a catalyst for future process improvement. 


production process optimization

Working with multiple creative partners has its benefits but at the same time it may introduce  multiple production processes. This alone can drive significant time and cost inefficiency. 


We help to eliminate inefficiency by working with you to standardize bidding processes across all internal and external creative partners, and where necessary introduce bidding tools, such as standardized bid specs and production house guidelines, that can help to build additional consistency and structure.


The result is a much more efficient process that provides greater consistency, much improved transparency and the opportunity for considerable time and cost savings.

Clients will also have the option to integrate their optimized bid process into an industry-leading SaaS marketing procurement platform by taking advantage of our strategic partnership with Octerra. 


Octerra automates the bidding process and centralizes workflows across all agency and vendor partners giving Clients real time visibility into bid information and easier access to data for reporting purposes. 

Optimize Process

enhanced production house bid methods

Ever wonder why the production budget you provided weeks before creative development even began, miraculously matches your final spend? 


By taking more control of certain aspects within the production house bidding process, organizations can dramatically improve transparency and drive significant cost efficiency  without impacting the integrity of their creative.


We leverage formal procurement principles,  in-depth knowledge of true production costs and  our extensive end to end bid management experience to ensure your production house costs are based on an actual scope of work and not on a simple allocation of your original budget .

Learn how our enhanced bidding methods can dramatically improve your cost efficiency.

bid mgmt

training & support services

We support Clients in a number of different tactical or initiative-based areas.

This includes leveraging our unique blend of Procurement, Production and Marketing experience to deliver customized training courses such as The Essentials of  Production House Bid Management  that helps cross-functional teams better understand the potential pitfalls of the bidding process and teaches them how to interpret and question the AICP bids they are receiving. 

We can also provide flexible procurement and production expertise including remote or on-site shoot support to help with resourcing gaps.


production program augmentation

Haynes-Vozza can help augment your production program with the development and implementation of initiatives aimed at broadening and strengthening your approach to bid management.


These include: 


The addition of initiatives like these can help take your production program to the next level by driving increased efficiency and/or helping you better align your program with broader corporate goals and mandates.


As part of our offering, we will work with your team to establish initial goals and objectives for the requested initiative, build a customized program designed to meet your specific needs and then ensure its success by properly integrating it into your production processes.

Support Services
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